About the company

KRD Economic Information Bureau operates pursuant to the Act on Disclosure of Economic Information and Exchange of Economic Data. The Bureau was established on 4 August 2003. It provides its services to all business entities: sole traders, small and medium enterprises as well as large corporations. KRD has created an economic information exchange system which consolidates all the branches of economy. On 14 June 2010, after the amendment of all relevant regulations, KRD has begun to offer its services also to natural persons, communes and secondary creditors.


KRD’s statutory tasks include the acceptance, storage and provision of access to economic information and data. These tasks are performed via the Internet, making KRD always available. Information on debtors is submitted to the KRD database by entrepreneurs from all sectors of economy, irrespective of company size and legal form, as well as by natural persons, communes and institutions. The suppliers of information are at the same time recipients of this information; consequently, the debtors listed in KRD cease to be anonymous and lose their credibility in business relations.

Since February 2008, KRD has been a member of the Conference of Financial Companies in Poland (KPF), and the President of the Management Board of KRD, Adam Łącki, is a member of the KPF Committee. In September 2008, the KRD Economic Information Bureau became a member of ACCIS – the Association of Consumer Credit Information Suppliers. KRD is the only Polish economic information bureau which belongs to this select association. In January 2013, KRD joined the Polish Association of Private Employers of Banks and Financial Institutions operating as part of PKPP Lewiatan. KRD has been certified according to the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 standard and the ISO/IEC 27001:2005 standard. The observance of certification-related obligations is monitored on an on-going basis by BSI Management sp. z o.o. accredited by ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation BOARD.

Krajowy Rejestr Długów Biuro Informacji Gospodarczej SA
ul. Danuty Siedzikówny 12, 51-214 Wrocław, Poland. The company entered in the National Court Register of Commercial Companies kept by the VI Economic Division of Wrocław-Fabryczna Regional Court KRS: 000169851, NIP: 895-17-94-707, REGON: 932913319. Initial capital of PLN 4.000.000 (fully paid up)