KRD Academy


KRD Academy is an educational project managed by the Training and Conference Department of the KRD Economic Information Bureau and Kaczmarski Inkasso, a debt recovery company which has been incessantly present on the Polish market since 1992. The KRD Academy owes its success to its customers, and the best evidence of the satisfaction from the provided training courses are the references received. From 2006 to the end of 2012, nearly 17 thousand companies from various sectors took part in workshops organised within the whole territory of Poland.
The major strategic aim of KRD Academy is to promote the knowledge on receivables management, and in particular to educate entrepreneurs in the field of practical use of the KRD system. The system enables the entrepreneurs to assess the risk involved in the cooperation with potential customers and to effectively recover unpaid receivables. The KRD Academy’s mission is to support companies in the achievement of their own business goals through the provision of knowledge and effective tools supporting the process of receivables management within enterprises.
We have qualified training personnel with long-standing experience in running business workshops and, therefore, the competencies of our instructors are held in high esteem by the course participants.
  • The educational offer corresponds to the present economic situation in which every entrepreneur conducts his own business activities and, therefore, our training courses are adjusted to the individual needs and characteristics of each company.
  • Our educational programmes use innovative techniques of learning and information technologies.
  • We actively participate in social and educational campaigns organised for young people from post-primary schools, we cooperate with higher education institutions and participate in scientific conferences organised in Poland.
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