The verification service of the KRD Economic Information Bureau enables you to find out whether your contracting party, customer or any other company has been listed as a debtor.


  • you can be more certain that your contracting party will pay you
  • if a given company proves to be a debtor, you can change the conditions of your agreement, e.g. demand payment in advance
  • you can verify whether your competitors have financial problems.

Krajowy Rejestr Długów Biuro Informacji Gospodarczej SA
ul. Danuty Siedzikówny 12, 51-214 Wrocław, Poland. The company entered in the National Court Register of Commercial Companies kept by the VI Economic Division of Wrocław-Fabryczna Regional Court KRS: 000169851, NIP: 895-17-94-707, REGON: 932913319. Initial capital of PLN 4.000.000 (fully paid up)