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Add a debtor

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Adding debtors can help you to collect money from them. Being added to the list of debtors will mean that, for example, a bank may refuse the debtor a loan or lease, and their contractors may find out that the debtor is a late payer. In order to avoid an entry in the KRD, the debtor has to pay the outstanding amount owed to you, and in this way, you maintain your liquidity.

Why is it worth it?

Debt collection from the debtor becomes much easier, as you make it hard for them to operate on the market.ract with them
You will make the debtor lose their financial credibility in the eyes of other business parties and financial institutions.
You motivate the debtor to settle the debts
Convenient online access via the Customer Panel is available 24/7

How does it work?

The payment deadline has passed, but the customer has not paid you
You send a demand for payment with the required clauses (you will receive a template)
If the debtor still has not paid, you add them to the KRD BIG S.A
The debtor loses credibility in the market, so you increase the chance of rapid repayment of the debt

Did you know that...


of debtors whose debt is less than a year old,

pay it after being sent a WARNING

that their debt may be recorded in the Krajowy Rejestr Długów BIG S.A..

Launching the service

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