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Enable monitoring of companies 24/7

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Monitoring means instant information and notifications via e-mail and text message about the fact that your contractor is monitored by you, e.g.:
- was added as a debtor or was removed from the KRD BIG S.A. debtors database,
- made a timely repayment,
- updated information (negative or positive) about the debtor.

Why is it worth it?

You will receive notification of a change in your customer's status in the KRD BIG S.A system by e-mail and/or text message.
Quickly react when your customer gets into financial trouble
Convenient online access via the Customer Panel is available 24/7

How does it work?

You enter the NIP (Tax Identification Number) of the company you want to monitor in the Customer Panel
You select the event you want to be aware of, e.g. addition to the KRD BIG S.A. debtors register.
You gain better knowledge of the financial situation of your customers and can decide on further cooperation

Did you know that...

our customers have started up more than

1,48 MLN

constant business monitoring services?

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