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Customer reviews

The services offered by KRD BIG S.A. are of good quality, and the information provided is reliable and effectively supports the credit decision-making process in lending to individuals and small businesses. So far, the process of cooperation and communication with KRD BIG S.A. has gone smoothly.
In today's market conditions, professionalism, commitment, and attention to detail, but above all, the sense of security and mutual trust that comes with knowing that the customer's expectations will be met, are becoming the norm.

Krajowy Rejestr Długów BIG S.A. is one of the companies that meet the above requirements, and thanks to the possibility of using its database and the information contained therein, we can quickly obtain information about the financial liquidity of our contractors and potential customers.

Our company receives valuable and effective assistance in its debt collection activities at every step, often gaining technical support for the system, legal support - provided by a professional team and substantive support provided by professionally trained tutors and consultants.

Based on our own experience, we can confidently recommend cooperation with KRD BIG S.A. to any entrepreneur.
Despite the short period of cooperation, the level of indebtedness among residents has noticeably decreased. Thanks to the preventive tools we use in our day-to-day cooperation, we have managed to mobilise the owners of premises in the Housing Communities we administer to settle their debts on time.

Taking into account the benefits resulting from our cooperation to date, we recommend Krajowy Rejestr Długów BIG S.A. to all entrepreneurs as a professional and reliable partner.
The basis of contact with the KRD BIG S.A. is professionalism combined with sensitivity to the individual needs of the customer. We are serviced with professional due diligence, thanks to which KRD BIG S.A. has earned a very good reputation which allows us to recommend it as a reliable partner. Understanding our needs as customers, friendly and competent service, and professionalism of the staff all contribute to the positive image of KRD BIG S.A.

We are pleased to recommend the services provided by KRD, especially to those who are looking for a reliable partner for cooperation in the field of data exchange and sharing business information.
We have been associated with Krajowy Rejestr Długów BIG S.A. for over 10 years. During this time, we have invariably worked with qualified and competent specialists. We appreciate the particular enthusiasm and energy they have shown in negotiating the changes to the legal regulations that enable us, as entrepreneurs in the factoring industry, to make full use of the Economic Information Bureau.

The extensive data resources of the National Debt Register and their transparency and accessibility are one of the main risk management tools for us. We use them in our daily work both to verify risks and to motivate debtors to repay their obligations.

It should be emphasised that our relationship with the National Debt Register is not only limited to the use of the debtor information database, but above all, to the joint promotion of ethical business behaviour.
Krajowy Rejestr Długów BIG S.A. guarantees the provision of up-to-date data on the financial situation of potential and current contractors and provides effective debt collection tools.

Establishing cooperation with the company has had a very positive impact on the effectiveness of our debt collection activities and the quality of our credit decisions.

We consider our cooperation with the company to be very successful and fulfilling our expectations. A great advantage is the reliable and competent employees of the company, who are always at our disposal and provide professional assistance.

With the above in mind, we sincerely recommend cooperation with KRD BIG S.A. to other entrepreneurs.
Euler Hermes Collection Sp. z o.o. has been cooperating with Krajowy Rejestr Długów BIG S.A. since June 2010. We use information on entrepreneurs who are within the scope of interest of Euler Hermes group companies. The percentage of entrepreneurs listed in the Krajowy Rejestr Długów BIG S.A. from the lists provided by Euler Hermes is very high.

Euler Hermes Collections Sp. z o.o. hereby recommends Krajowy Rejestr Długów as an additional source of information on unreliable debtors. The data is an important element in the process of verifying the payment reliability of entrepreneurs.
We consider the essence of the activity of the Krajowy Rejestr Długów BIG S.A. to be very valuable in the developing trend of globalisation of markets and society's increasing debt; it allows us to avoid financially risky transactions.

Cooperation with the KRD is characterised by quick problem-solving, commitment and the high competence of its staff.

Based on our experience to date, we encourage other entrepreneurs to cooperate with Krajowy Rejestr Długów BIG S.A.
The high quality of the services provided, combined with the effectiveness of the product, is an excellent complement to the services provided by Intrum Justitia. KRD is a trustworthy company, flexible and open to the needs of the customer.

Based on our experience in cooperation with KRD BIG S.A., we fully recommend it as a reliable and professional business partner.
In our cooperation to date, we have benefited primarily from access to a reliable database, which enables us to verify our potential customer quickly and easily. In addition, in our debt collection correspondence, we use a preventive seal and a summons to payment with a clause.

Thanks to our reputation, reliability of collected information and high professionalism in the services offered, we can recommend Krajowy Rejestr Długów BIG S.A. as a trustworthy business partner without hesitation.
Mała Pożyczka Sp. z o.o. is a company specialising in online lending; therefore, it particularly appreciates the possibility of fast and reliable verification of loan applicants in the largest register of debtors in the country.

The information on unpaid debts has prevented many cases of attempted fraud by insolvent persons. An efficient information system and a huge database provide the opportunity to check a potential borrower immediately. As a result, the company operates more efficiently - making quick and accurate lending decisions.

We are confident that our cooperation with KRD is professional and meets our expectations. Thanking for our cooperation to date, we would like to recommend KRD BIG S.A. to other companies with full responsibility and satisfaction.
We are serviced with professional due diligence, thanks to which KRD BIG S.A. has earned a very good reputation which allows us to recommend it as a reliable partner.

The services provided by KRD, such as the possibility of verification in the system and subsequent monitoring, definitely reduce the risk of concluding contracts with unreliable contractors. In addition, the database that KRD BIG S.A. has at its disposal allows us to make the right decisions when selecting further contractors.
The effectiveness of debt collection increased after sending a summons for payment equipped with a preventive seal with information about passing the receivables to KRD BIG S.A. The result was the enforcement of 30% of the total sum of liabilities covered by the summons.

A broad understanding of our needs as customers, friendly and competent service, professionalism and reliability of the staff make up an excellent image of Krajowy Rejestr Długów BIG S.A.