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Economic information is information that expands your knowledge about the financial situation of companies and consumers, which is worth reaching for when you intend to start cooperation or want to make the right business decision. They are regulated by the Act on Disclosure of Economic Information and Exchange of Economic Data of April 9, 2010 (Journal of Laws No. 81, item 530, as amended), hereinafter the Act.
In the minds of entrepreneurs, the so-called negative Economic Information, which facilitates the analysis of the situation of the verified entity or consumer. Is the case of the so-called positive Economic Information?

Positive information

It is an entry confirming the payment of obligations by entrepreneurs and consumers1. It is published in the database of Economic Information Bureaus. These are data on the obligation settled on time or with a delay of no more than 30 days. Positive information can be provided both about the entrepreneur and the consumer.


Positive information about me:
  •  You build a positive payment history that will help you negotiate more attractive terms of cooperation, in particular with banks, loan companies, mobile operators or Internet providers
      You maintain the habit of diligence and reliability in paying bills
      You gain the reputation of a reliable, trustworthy customer, which gives you an advantage in contacts with service providers and contractors
Positive information for verifiers:
  • You have access to the database thanks to which you can reduce the risk of establishing an unfavorable business relationship
      You submit cooperation offers to those entrepreneurs or consumers who confirm with their payment history that reliability and honesty are important to them

Negative information

This is an entry about debt. By checking the so-called negative Economic Information in the KRD BIG S.A. database you receive information about:
1. Creditor
2. Debtor
3. Unpaid obligation

To the database of KRD BIG S.A. you can make an entry in particular2 when:
- The liability is due for at least 30 days and for a minimum amount of PLN 200 for the consumer and PLN 500 for the entrepreneur
- You sent the request for payment by registered mail or handed it over to the debtor 1 month before making the entry
- You have an executive title


  • Placing in the database of KRD BIG S.A. negative Economic Information motivates the debtor to pay the debt
      Negative Economic Information is also a warning that allows you to avoid cooperation with an unreliable contractor

1  The detailed scope of conditions for the provision of economic information is specified in Art. 18 of the Act.

2  The detailed scope of conditions for the provision of economic information is specified in Art. 14-16 of the Act.